The E. coli loading rate for the Sauble River is over 10 times higher than the total loading produced by the entire 26 drains along the lakeshore. This would indicate that the river is a contributing factor in terms of adversely affecting recreational water quality. Agricultural run-off is suspected to be a significant contributor to Sauble River loading.
R.V. Anderson, Environmental Study Report, June 2001

Modern environmentally friendly solutions like those from Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. could be used to solve the isolated septic system problems occurring in the DCA.

An inspection and mitigation program could be used to protect the groundwater and the Town is under an MOE order since 2005 to carry out such a program. In January 2005 the Ministry of the Environment imposed conditions requiring the Town to develop and implement a program to monitor the performance of septic systems in the Sauble Beach and Oliphant areas.

The Wainfleet Water and Sewer Project has many similarities to the Sauble Sewer Project since its inception in 1982:

  • Wainfleet Water and Sewer Committee (Amabel Ratepayers)
  • Funding turned down again (same)
  • 1200 homes and cottages along Lake Erie waterfront in Wainfleet (similar in Sauble Beach)
  • Proposed regional sewer and water estimated costs $65 million (ours similar)
  • Water and sewer from Port Colborne 10 km away (ours from Wiarton)
  • Current plan simply unaffordable to Wainfleet Residents (same)
  • Many residents against the plan (same)
  • Looking at dealing with septic systems now as a start (same)

There are also some notable differences:

  • Wainfleet has an area wide demonstrated problem (only DCA)
  • The region’s chief medical health officer has said leaking septic systems are contaminating groundwater feeding private wells as well as the waters along the Lake Erie shore
  • The Ministry of Environment has been monitoring the contamination problem

Example Showing How A Technical Review Workshop Helped Wainfeet Move Forward.

The Region of Niagra also has a great website for the Wainfleet Water and Sewer Project.