Environmental Assessment

December 29, 2010

Genivar has a delegation to the January 4, 2011 COW at 2:00 pm to present the draft Addendum No. 3 Environmental Study Report

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula has chosen to re-opened the Class Environmental Assessment for the Sauble Beach Sewage System on the recommendation of the Town's consultant, Mr. Jeff Graham.

After reviewing the draft letter received from Bill Armstrong, MOE responsible for E.A., Mr. Graham suggested the Town would probably have push back on the Certificate of Approval from the MOE if it did not open up the E.A. process.

Opening up the E.A. process will allow the Town to:

  • review the existing design
  • further consider public opinion due to strong public interest
  • consider other major options including:
    • expanding the sewer collection system (and thus increasing the average day flow & peak sewage flow)
    • alternative locations for discharge of the final effluent to the Sauble River
    • alternative sites for the wastewater treatment plant

The county forest south of the Sauble Falls campground is apparently the new target site with underground discharge and overflow to the Sauble River at peak times.

There are two underground aquifers under Sauble that are utilized for private water supplies one shallow and one deep. The shallow one would be subject to contamination; no matter how clean, the effluent would still be surface water.

Everyone who has a private water source at Sauble should be concerned about the integrity of their sand points and wells if a plant with underground discharge at the county forest is allowed to proceed. Even with a small first phase start, sewage will be collected from south Sauble residences and the area around the main street and the discharge will be underground in the area north of 6th Street and west of the Parkway.

Please attend the public meeting on Saturday October 9, 2010 from 10:00am – Noon or 2:00 – 4:00pm at the Sauble Beach Community Centre on Community Centre Drive

Handouts for the October 9, 2010 public meeting:

Please attend the public meeting on Saturday July 10, 2010 from 10:00am – Noon or 2:00 – 4:00pm at the Sauble Beach Community Centre on Community Centre Drive

Handouts for the July 10, 2010 public meeting:

The Sauble Sewer Project public meeting comment sheets have been published at the Genivar FTP site. The comments have been placed on the Documents page for easy reference.

The Municipality of Lambton Shores is in the midst of an EA process for the Grand Bend 'Zone 3' Sanitary Sewage Collection System. This project is similar in scope to the proposed Sauble Beach Sewer System and the Municipality of Lambton Shores recently extended the 30 day comment period in part because the Ministry of the Environment felt the proponents had not met the public consultation requirement for the EA.

Because of the similarity to the Sauble Beach Sewer System, links to the Grand Bend project documents are provided below.

  1. Grand Bend Zone 3 Project File    large file 444 pages
  2. Letter From MOE to Grand Bend re EA Public Consultation Requirement Not Met
  3. South Grand Bend ‘Zone 3’ Notice of Review Period Extention