Lifestyle Changes

Since Cuesta was hired to draft a plan for Sauble Beach in 2008 there have been continuing revisions of the Sauble sewage treatment plan. The final draft of the Genivar plan is basically a road map to achieve the services called for in the Cuesta document.

Sauble residents have strongly objected to the vision that both firms have put forward for Sauble on the grounds that they do not wish to make the social and economic lifestyle changes that the plans would require.

At public meetings there were strong objections to the draft plans but both firms seem to be ignoring public opinion and continue to follow their chosen path. The Cuesta draft report still fails to recognize the dichotomy that exists between what the residents actually want and what Cuesta proposes. Where the issue is preserving the lifestyle and economic balance of Sauble full time and seasonal residents the Sauble Beach section of the Cuesta plan has been at best a conceptual mismatch and at worst it fails to produce any result that is supportable by most of the residents.

The draft report offers an overview of present planning policy and also proposed new policy direction.

Shane Sargent, in Events Coordinator Report No 1 presented to the Committee of the Whole on March 2, 2010, states "The key to any major development is sewer and water."