Wasted Tax Dollars

Council plans to rescind the zoning and official plan bylaws related to Sauble Sewer Project Municipal Road property. This implies that a sewage treatment plant will not be located there and that our Town has wasted $450,000 tax dollars plus accruing interest on the debt. System users will have to cover these costs less any amount that may be recovered through the sale of the hastily purchased property.

The Environmental Assessment to build a sewage treatment plant in 2010 has been reopened by Council to review the system design. This EA has been continuous since 1995 and all expenses paid for it for 15 years have yielded no actual system.

Various changes have been made over the years in the actual design. The one constant is that taxpayers have paid the bills each time a rendition failed to make it to construction. Opposition to the project has been strong over the years due, in part, to the high cost and alleged secrecy and mishandling.

At one time the Town forged ahead even though they had no chance of ever receiving the funding for the project. They paid invoices totalling $407,000 to professional lobbyist, Toronto law firm Power Budd, to try and get the funding even though Council had only approved $80,000.

The re-opening of the EA will add thousands more to the cost of this project. If the Sauble Beach Sewage System eventually gets built, these costs will have to be paid by the users of the system. If it does not get built, then all taxpayers will have to cover these wasted tax dollars.